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The CampExperience™ Network

The CampExperience™ Network is a one-of-a-kind women’s group with monthly networking, sponsored social events, and an annual Fall Retreat. We are designed for women, by women who are ready for education, inspiration, and connection to a network of other amazing women. The CampExperience™ Network “Sisters” support one another and other people who may be in need. We grow our businesses, ourselves, and fund our Charity Partners’ good works as well as other projects via our Random Acts of Kindness funds. To support the organizations that support us, our strong community considers a “Camp Sister Sponsor” first when looking for goods and services.


The GlobalSisterhoodNetwork™

The GlobalSisterhoodNetwork™ is a free online business and personal development network for women across the country and around the world. The network is designed by and for women who are launching and growing their businesses, developing their personal style, and interested in making a difference in the world. Joining the global Sisterhood offers women the opportunity to promote their business, gain exclusive access to women thought leaders in a variety of fields and join in forum discussions relevant to women.


In the Press

The CampExperience™ Network and Founder Betsy Wiersma have a large footprint of media coverage in the 12 years of the annual events.  A global professional speaker, Betsy loves taking her enthusiasm for supporting women and the world to any outlet that will attract the next Camp Sister, or inspire a new friend.  Enjoy Betsy’s interviews and the many stories of hope and happiness generated by this Sisterhood.


The Camp Committee

Meet the dedicated and dynamic women working behind the scenes at CampExperience™ Network. CampCommittee members volunteer their time to help our Camp Sisters have a great time at our yearlong schedule of events. Behind the scenes, these extraordinary women meet to brainstorm events and activities to empower women and make a difference in their community while having FUN. Our CampCommittee members are the very heart of CampExperience™ Network. These fabulous women serve year after year to support our mission to educate, inspire, and connect women at our events and workshops.  Without their gifts, it would not be possible to gather our Camp Sisters for new ways to grow their businesses, make a difference in the world, and create empowered lives.


The CampExperience™ Network Sponsors

We are deeply grateful to the CampExperience™Network sponsors for their contributions to our fundraising efforts as well their support of our women’s networking group. The information and assistance they provide to our Sisters in the network are invaluable.


Betsy Wiersma

Betsy is that chairman of the Junior High School float, that turned her organizational skills and love for marketing into a movement for amazing women. A graduate of Purdue University, Betsy is a serial entrepreneur, marketing wiz, international public speaker, award-winning event producer, author and Wellness Warrior. Leading with passion and purpose, Betsy is an expert in WOW and relationship marketing. Betsy crafted the CampExperience™ Network in 2005 to fulfill her dream to be a “work-at-home” mom and to enjoy everyday activities with her adopted daughter. Betsy’s philosophy is ROI: Return on Ideas. And the CampExperience™ Network is her playground for designing meaningful activities for women to be inspired, to live on purpose and make their unique contribution to the world….while having FUN!


The Team

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

Our dedicated small team of amazing and dedicated women makes the CampExperience™ and Global Sisterhood Network™ possible.

Sherri Albertson, Manager, CampExperience™ Network
Carol Calkins, Executive Director, Global Sisterhood Network™
Meagan Osgood, Production Manager, Boost Power Radio
Beth Oden and Team, Online Developer, Be-Creative Studio


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