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    Let's Stay Connected

    If we can't be together in person, we can be together virtually!

    Aren't we lucky we live in a time that amongst all this uncertainty and change we have access to connective technology?

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    Support Your Local Communities

    We want to connect you with local charities that are looking for some extra help these days. 

  • Photo Contest

    Hosted by Mike's Camera

    Back by popular demand, this annual photo contest and exhibition is a showcase of the "creative eye" of Camp Sisters and friends. Enter up to five photos, and you might win great prizes in our multiple categories...

    April 1 - July 1, 2020

  • Education | Inspiration | Connections

    We are a one-of-a-kind women's group

    We offer monthly networking, sponsored social events, and an annual Fall Retreat. Designed for women who want to Do Good & Have Fun, we are here to enhance your personal and professional network. We call ourselves a ‘sisterhood by choice.’

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    Celebrating 15 Years

    Join us at this year's Fall Retreat for the Arts, Music, & Ideas Festival.

    Reserve your spot before they're gone!

  • Do Good & Have Fun

    Over 1 million dollars donated in 15 years

    Coming together to help others is a magical connection that leads to business and personal growth. Together every one of us can give a gift, take a step, and have some fun as we do good for our community and across the globe.

  • Meet Our Sponsors

    A dedicated team of women

    Who have committed their time, talent, and resources to support the world of The CampExperience™ Network! We are deeply grateful to the sponsors for their contributions to our fundraising efforts as well as their financial support.

The health and safety of everyone in our community comes first, and as such, we have decided to postpone or virtually host all remaining events through June. We are monitoring updates and recommendations concerning 'social distancing' from the CDC and Department of Health, so we can take action as needed.

Because the situation is complex and evolving daily additional changes may take place, and we promise to share them with you along the way.

∼ The CampExperience Team


Join over 5,000 women who are connected to the CampExperience™ Network. Receive invites to events, learn what's going on in our community (locally and abroad!), and get early access to the Fall Retreat. 

Everyone Wear Masks!

Let's do this! As businesses start to open again the need for masks is more important than ever. AnnaFesta has a goal to have the ability to donate 5,000 masks by May 1.

We will be matching the first 1,000 donations for a total of 2,000 masks donated as quickly as possible.

Help us in our fight to stop the spread. 

Go to festasports.com to donate.

Upcoming Events

Happy Spring! What Will You Grow?

Why We Connect at CampConnections

This Sculpture For Me is Us, the Camp Sisters

Our Philosophy

We gather to Do Good & Have Fun — We live by these core values

Everyone is special, valued, gifted, & complete

Love is boundless for our sisters, our families, our community, & ourselves

Sisterhood and the benefits of support and love are a choice for any woman. All are welcome!

Experiences Connect Us! Joy, laughter, and FUN are vital components to all we do

  • "Women united with purpose and cause and fueled with intention and spirit. Women united can move mountains and dictate positive change and energy. Women united as Sisters — hear us roar."
    — Barbara Bloodgood
  • "CampExperience has changed my life, grown my business, and enhanced my view of the world and how I CAN make a difference!"

    — Dr. Michelle Wendling
  • "Camp is unlike anything I have experienced. It's all about giving to each other, supporting each other, growing together, tons of fun, laughter, tears, & SISTERHOOD. I am forever changed. And I am grateful."

    — Pat Jaques

Boost Power Podcast

Boost Power Podcast is where you can plug in for inspiration, insights, and ideas for your business and your life journey.

Host Betsy Wiersma interviews women with passion and purpose, who share the truth about their path, their progress, and their challenges. 

Today is the first day of the rest of your life...start it with the amazing women we feature each week!

Sister Stories

Sister Stories are video interviews hosted by Betsy Wiersma and her team. Betsy has traveled the globe with curious investigations into the lives of all types of women. We are sharing these stories and more!

Video and audio files are available 24/7 for education, inspiration, and connections. 

Enjoy the multi-cultural voices of these amazing women.

  • 2019 retreat panel

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