Tina Klonaris Robinson 

Tina is a talented author, speaker and amazing artist. Her story could be any of us! After not painting for 20 years, she wandered into a craft store and bought some paint. Now her work is in galleries and on products sold at the resorts and at local stores in the Bahamas. Just wait till you experience Tina’s beautiful work as she is now expanding to more products for all of us to enjoy.

Tina is also the founder of The Meah Foundation, which was born out of her personal experience of child loss and the journey of healing that followed. She found that through stories that her heart opened and the energy of anger and powerlessness shifted and changed to love, forgiveness, and a sense of empowerment. Sharing the power of her story and the stories of others could impact lives and move people toward positive action all over the world.


Global Sisterhood Interview