Kari Henley, Age Without Borders

For over 25 years, Kari has been a social entrepreneur, with experience in startups, virtual content development, international teleseminars, writing, professional speaking and facilitating for corporate and private clients.  She has a Masters degree in psychology, masters coursework in Organizational leadership, and is passionate about serving on the leading age of revolutionizing our global perspectives on ending ageism and maximizing longevity.

Kari’s Age Without Borders is building a movement in redefining aging as a commitment to never stop growing. Kari and her team curate global and multi-generational thought leaders on topics of vital interest to the 50+ market, including caregiving, finance, retirement, travel, relationships, and health. Their summits have been viewed by tens of thousands from over 73 countries.

Kari served as a contributor to the Huffington Post from 2006-2014, and has appeared on local TV, Dateline NBC, PBS “This Emotional Life,” and was featured in an Amazon #1 bestselling anthology.


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