Gretchen Gagel

Gretchen Gagel, Ph.D., is a global expert on leadership, team strategy, and organizational agility. Gretchen is currently lecturing to post-graduate students at the University of Denver and the Australian National University. She develops and teaches courses on leadership and ethics, change and agility, strategic human resource management, evidence-based management, and team performance.

Gretchen’s research explores the relationship between leaders behaviors and organization agility. She is a recognized expert in the construction industry. Consulting to both “owners” to support the cost-effective planning, design, and construction of capital assets; and consulting to contractors, engineering firms, and material and equipment suppliers on how to effectively serve these clients and achieve organizational success.

Additionally, she is an experienced consultant to the nonprofit sector, building upon her successful management consulting career in the construction industry consulting in the areas of fundraising and sustainability, strategic and business planning, finance, and public policy advocacy. Gretchen is passionate about her global sisterhood!


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