Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

A pioneer in vision therapy and developmental optometry, for more than 30 years with extensive professional publications to her credit, Dr. Hellerstein has helped thousands of children and adults improve their vision and transform their lives — at home, in the classroom, and most recently on the playing field. Her breakthrough methods including award-winning series, SEE IT. SAY IT. DO IT!®, unlock barriers to learning and “rewire” around brain injuries, and vision perception or processing deficits. But you don’t have to have a vision problem to benefit: her brain training strategies may be the missing magic if you’re an athlete trying to nail a tricky shot or stay cool in competition. What motivates her is witnessing the joy of her patients overcoming a learning barrier or meeting a sports goal. If it’s a skill you can visualize, Dr. Hellerstein can help train your eyes — and mind’s eye — on success.

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