Colleen Abdoulah

Colleen Abdoulah received a Degree in Public Relations/Marketing from Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta, and later went on to receive her MBA at the University of Denver. Colleen is the past CEO/President of Wide Open West (WOW!), regional Internet, cable, and phone provider headquartered in Denver. Colleen is a long-time leader and past Board Chair for the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center and serves on other boards nationally and internationally.

Colleen adopted her daughter Alex at the age of 11 when she served on to Law Center Board.  Colleen has survived her own battles, diagnosed in 2005 with stage three breast cancer. After ten months of treatment and losing her hair, she simply went to work bald and continued with her many commitments.   She survived with the help of friends and family and shares “The reality is that we come into this world alone and with nothing, and we leave the same way. What matters is who you touched along the way.”

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