One of the Great Moments of Fall ’16 Was His E-Mail   
 So I met a guy in a truck at a Farmer’s Market.  He played all of my requests including 30 minutes of Elton John…and it sounded just like Elton John!  So I chatted him up (read Betsy talks to strangers) and took a sharpie to write on his truck….CampExperience 2016.  And I booked him.
The Wandering Madman lives and works and PLAYS in his truck.  He has wandered 142,778 miles.  And he gives away FREE MUSIC for the betterment of human kind.  I could not make this up!
And he came to Camp and played and we requested and he sang and we sang and I fed him a yummy meal and paid him well…..and there was the e-mail.

“I have no clue how to explain all this joy you gave me! 

 In all my years I don’t think I’ve experienced such pure enthusiasm and support for this endless journey of mine. It honestly felt like we were all on the same journey together!! Thank you so much for inviting me into your world, it was absolutely wonderful to feel surrounded by a family I had never met before.

I’m so used to playing music for folks on the sidewalk as they’re walking by, hoping and praying I’m playing the right song that will get them to pause, get them to listen, get them to smile. It was just out of this world tonight to have such an attentive crowd of people who although I had never met, managed to shower me with so much love & support that in a way it all seemed like a crazy dream too good to be true. Thank you making it a reality! To see the amount of love & energy these ladies had to offer gives me so much hope and excitement for what they will no doubt accomplish with the future.”

This is WHY CampExperience.  This is WHY YOU and WHY NOW.  And this is the type of “wandering” that makes us better human beings while dancing and having FUN!

Cannot WAIT Till Camp 2017: September 15-17. Join US! 
New Name to the Newsletter Calls It What It Is….
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