There May Have Been Some Beer Involved in The Madness?? Spoiler ALERT…I am about to show my age.

I was recently at the Carole King “Beautiful” Broadway play and singing all of the songs from Tapestry.
If you were a young woman in college in 1979-83 like me, that “album” was a favorite.
You see on a great Saturday night, we might sneak in beers to the sorority house and sit around…
and sing!

And I don’t sing so the beers probably helped. But it wasn’t the quality of the singing, it was the Sisterhood. The laughs, the cries, the rat-fink boys and the hot ones who knew it. We shared the journey called “college” and we were Sisters.
As I look at my career, it strikes me as funny. My job is creating a “Sisterhood” and this one is not by circumstance (same college, same sorority,) but “by choice” which is magical.
We find each other by sharing the love of education, loving inspiration from the stories of others, and always looking for ways to help the world be a better place. And we attract fun-loving women of all ages, shapes and sizes which make it even better.
The CampExperience Network is GROWING….and we are planning all kinds of BIG FUN for next year. And sometimes, at Camp, in a skit or in the Talent Show…we sing! Come share the journey!

What is Your Big Dream and How High Will You Climb to Reach it? My Daughter Sarah Climbs Super High Every Day!

I have some fun pics from the big summer family adventure.  This one I think can work for all of us.  What is your next BIG DREAM?  And what will it take to get you there?  Sarah, as a climber, has to be a problem solver.  She not only has to work out to get the strength to climb, but she also has to be present in the moment to think through the “problem” which is the route.
CampExperience is your “GPS” to the top!  We are a way-finder, ready for you to share your ideas and create the team you need to get there.   And at the Fall Camp, Cathy Hawk from Clarity International will lead us with all of the speakers to create a bridge plan…from today (you are here,) to the bright tomorrow.

Cannot wait for the Fall FUN! Get your spot TODAY!
PS: That is Sarah with Grandpa Wiersma and Grandma Wiersma.