giftingI am in full gift mode these days.  You see if you have never attended Camp, you may have never been showered with AMAZING gifts from around the world (I might add).  The purpose of gifts at Camp is one of our key concepts… at Camp we learn to receive!   You see Camp Sisters tend to be that girl…you know her!  She is the leader, the organizer and the helper.  She laughs and cries with you any time and any place.  And she is always there with a connection, lead, idea or just an ear.  YUP… we all resemble those remarks!  So as I am wrapping and stuffing and organizing by size, I was thinking of the blessing of gifting every day!  How great is it to help a friend in need or just for fun?  How does your heart feel when you stop and listen?  And when is the last time someone really was there for you?
11 years, $223,000 raised and thousands of hours donated…that’s some serious gifting!

And now we have the honor of renovating the 7 cabins at Easter Seals Rocky Mt Village and leaving that legacy forever?  What a gift it is to gift! 

Special thanks to the Cabin Renovation leadership of Pam Foley, REnew & REdo Holistic Decor, intern Hannah Huffman, Presenting Sponsors CertaPro Painters Denver, Guiry’s, American Furniture Warehouse,  Harmonic Media, and Mike’s Camera
and the cabin Host Sponsors Dr Michelle Wendling, Susan Aberbook, Judith Spendelow,
Angela Cody-Rouget and Renae Morrish

And remember…you never know when you will see “a sign” that this is a place to make a difference!