Let’s All Take a Minute to ENJOY Blooming 
Anyone who follows me on Facebook will find random videos as I walk and chat.  I do this to say what I am here to say…LOVE your life, celebrate every day and enjoy the E-Ticket ride! Many times I try to enjoy NATURE! 
For those who know me, this is a big new stretch. For the first 10 years of Camp, the theme was “I like nature, just don’t get it on me!” We “camped” at resorts. In 2016, we expanded our vision and the Fall Camp is smack dab in nature…and it is even better than Camp in swanky resort!  Point here…there is magic in God’s great work: the Rocky Mountains, our beautiful blue sky, our flowering plants and trees and OURSELVES!
You see as you connect to your greatest self…YOU BLOOM!
Ever notice when you are excited and happy, you attract more excited and happy? And when you know anything is possible…MAGIC…It is! That is what Camp is all about. Meet a new friend. Smile and relax. Connect as a Sister. Laugh. Play. Repeat. I had the nicest Blessing card from a new guest at CampConnections North yesterday. She summed up what we intent everyone to feel:  “Thank you for your genuine heart and authenticity. I have never walked into a room and felt so much warmth and love.”
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat and Repeat x 12 years, 5000+ Sisters. So get yourself in here for some “plant food” and BLOOM!
No Really Stephanie Burgess = ROCK STAR!! You Will Know and LOVE Steph and Her Peace Poles
I am not making this up!  The real Stephanie Burgess from Painted Peace is at Camp! This is the first time she has done a women’s retreat and we are beyond blessed to have her. Did you see she just was commissioned to do Peace Poles with lyrics from The Beatles? And she is bringing her poles and flags to sell at Camp.
So take a gander at her stuff and know HUGE FUN is ahead.

Cannot wait for the Fall FUN! XOXOXOXO Register HERE!
CONGRATULATIONS to our 2017 CampExperience™ Photo Contest winners:
Gerri KierShawn BustamanteLyndsey McLaughlan, and Victoria Edstedt! Amazing photos from amazing women – way to go!