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Welcome to The Stew: Art & Insights Book

Women thrive on real-life experiences, smart talk, innovative ideas, and insights from our sisters. The STEW is a 200-page full-color book of 60+ women's stories, poetry, and custom art. Join us to serve women of the world

15 Years Ago It Began with a BIG IDEA...Women Helping Women

Our latest project is The Stew book, a curated list of women contributors sharing their journey and insights. It will be a full-color book filled with original artwork from Betsy Wiersma, poetry curated from Carol Calkins breadth of work, and 'delicious' stories collected from women around the world.

Set to be published in October 2020.


This endeavor began with Betsy believing that women thrive on real-life innovation, ideas, and experiences shared by other women.

In her years spent building a tribe of sisterhood, Betsy has found that women want smart talk, bold ideas, and insights discovered along our paths from life's journey. The Stew is a yummy mix of inspirational art, proven ideas, heart-felt stories, poetry, and quotes.

The contributors are women who open their hearts and have the purpose of serving others.

The STEW is organized into five sections: Share Your Voice, Creativity Connects, Love Wins, Do Good Have Fun, and Fly!


Meet the exceptional women who are contributing their time, talents, and stories to the STEW. 

Help Support This Book

Any level of support will fuel our positive narrative that women can and women will!  Together we can Do Good and Have Fun and make this world a better place.  

    —The Authors —

    Angela Melfi

    Anne Fanganello

    April Lambatos

    Belinda Sousa

    Berni Slowey

    Betsy Wiersma

    Brittani Coury

    Carol Calkins

    Cathy Hawk

    Cheryl Talley

    Chris Chopyak

    Christine Marquez Hudson

    Christy Belz

    Cindy Tyler

    Cori Deterding

    Dollyne Sherman

    Dr. Audrey Boxwell

    Dr. Deb Sandella

    Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

    Dr. Michelle Wendling

    Eileen Forlenza

    Elizabeth Moore

    Flossie O'Leary

    Gerri Kier

    Gina Schreck

    Gretchen Gagel

    Helen Drexler

    Holly Forlenza

    Holly Stiel

    Jennifer Nassi

    Jenny Nuccio

    Jill Farquhar

    Julie Geller

    Julie Nygard

    Justine Willis Toms

    Kara Valentine

    Katie D'Andrea

    Krista Igoe

    Laura Stewart

    Lauren Miller

    Lindy Royer

    Lisa Stull

    M. E. Ster-Molnar

    Maria Borrego

    Marianne Richmond

    Megan Burtt

    Nancy McNally

    Nikki Milton

    Paula Henry

    Phillis Shimamoto

    Rae Zander-Palermo

    Rebecca Saltman

    Rhonda Sheya

    Roweena Naidoo

    Sally Spencer-Thomas

    Sarah Lane

    Sarah Michel

    Sister Stella Sabina

    Sue Lee

    Susan Frew

    Tamra Ryan

    Tasha Jones

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