One of a Kind Original Creations


Betsy Wiersma


The STEW Smart Talk Exceptional Women

Women thrive on real-life experiences, smart talk, innovative ideas, and insights from our sisters. The STEW is a 200-page full-color book of 60+ women's stories, poetry, and custom art. Join us to serve women of the world.

$39.95 or $59.95


Create Your Calendar Blessing Journal

This 100-page blank Blessing Journal with stickers is full of Betsy’s color art and inspiration and plenty of places to capture your dreams, your goals, your deadlines and track your progress. Write it down, be grateful and make it happen!


HappyLife Journal

Create a HappyLife with this 50-page journal to honor that wee small inner voice. Each pages asks you to journal a thought, more about that thought, what action you need to move forward and the connections you need to help you.


Card Decks

Dream Big Live Big Cards

Set of 36 cards full of Betsy’s inspirational angles and questions for journaling and conversation. How will you live your best life when you Dream Big and then Live Big? Let these cards help you!


HappyLife Connection Cards

Set of 54 questions for connections and conversations. We have life’s prompts for actions: trust, love, forgive, create, release, expand, embrace and enjoy. For each prompt who, what, where, when, why and how.

Draw a card and think about the questions. A fun game for connecting with kids, families and friends. Works well with the HappyLife Journal


Greeting Cards

Happy Life Art Cards: Set of 12

Share your love and appreciation with these playful and uplifting art cards with the message HappyLife on the inside in red. How will you make someone's day with a personal note that you care?

Assorted art on the covers.


Happy Angels Blank Card Set

Write your heartfelt messages on these colorful blank cards perfect for every occasion. The art features angels and friends with themes of inspiration and celebration.

Assorted art on covers.


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