This Self-ie is a Self-Me and a Puzzle

When Sarah was younger, we had those super fun books of little images. We spent hours looking at them trying to find small hidden objects. And the fun was looking at the same pictures again and again…and seeing different things. Or not seeing them! So here is my new self portrait that I took at the Jen Jones Photo Adventure class. Can you find Betsy in this photo? And what does this photo say about the REAL Betsy? 

I was thinking about selfies and I go off and on in posting them. I find I want to take a selfie mostly with my self and some other great person, place or thing. I usually capture the moment! But when I was shooting with my fancy Mike’s Camera camera this portrait, I shot a reflection to capture my view of my personality…textured, colorful, “growing,” imperfect, artsy and interesting. It was how I want to be seen. Not the bold me but a “filter” of my artsy, creative side.

What is your Self-ME? What are the images that reflect your most deepest YOU? Take a minute and come with me on this journey to our best self! Do something not in your BOX!

Come to Camp and make new SUPER FUN friends. And unlock your most interesting self. Cannot wait to play with you soon!

PsycheHike has been a Camp Favorite for 10 YEARS! Who Needs a Year of Therapy When Dr Audry is Here?

Dr Audrey Boxwell is BACK with PsycheHike. I am not making this up! Every year a Camp Sister tells me of the breakthrough she found at Camp with Dr Audrey Boxwell, PhD and her PsycheHike. Dr Audrey believes that silence and nature and movement are MAGIC! And she leads you on this journey at the Fall CampExperience, and has for 10 years! “I really sorted out my heart and found myself a path to healed and happy!” comments Camp Sister Carol Calkins. “PsycheHike is my favorite Camp adventure.”

Cannot wait for the Fall FUN! XOXOXOXO Register HERE!