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Global Sisterhood Network is a space designed for women to connect, be inspired, and share their stories...With the added bonus of Doing Good & Having Fun!

The Global Sisterhood Network launched in 2019 as an expansion of The CampExperience Network; to serve outside of our Denver, Colorado community and grow to include dynamic women from around the world. 

By sharing stories, choice points, dreams, and challenges, we showcase how much we have in common as women.

It continues to grow as a platform to showcase women from varied backgrounds and differing levels of success. We highlight their passions and inspirations, capturing their global statements to women. 

Enjoy their stories. Let their experiences guide you. Know that other women have walked through the same struggles and faced similar challenges. Hear how they overcame obstacles to achieve their dreams. Live fully with drive, determination, and compassion for yourself and others.


There is no greater power on this earth than story.

— Libba Bray

Our curious investigations into the lives of amazing women from around the world. Explore their stories and be inspired. 

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Jenny Nuccio

Sr. Stella Sabina


Ali Oswald

Annabelle Chauncy

Christina Slade

Gretchen Gagel

Kristen Hansen

Marina Passalaris


Tina Klonaris Robinson


Maria Pacheco


Åsthildur Sturludóttir

Embla Eir Oddsdottir

Hilda Jana Gísladóttir

Hulda Sif Hermannsdóttir

Kristún Lind Birgisdóttir

Sigríður Stefánsdóttir

Vilborg Jóhannsdóttir


Agnes Arnadottir

Agnes Mathiesen

Belinda Sousa

Benedicte Severinsen

Shanna McFadden Drivenes

Trine Lohne

United States

Angela Cody-Rouget

Beth Roalstad

Betsy Wiersma

Cathy Ferree

Christie Thrasher-Rudd

Dollyne Sherman

Eesha Patel

Kim Fisher

Kristi Brown

Ruby Zheng

Tatiana Holifield


Maria Mora

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