Global Sisterhood Podcast Network

We are a consortium of business and lifestyle podcasts supporting female entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

Launched in 2020 by Betsy Wiersma, this is a space to plug-in for uplifting stories and connect with women around the world. These stories uncover tips along the path to success and share how we all can live our big dreams and best lives.

The real stories of women working hard to grow their business and personal life in an ever-changing world. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app to stay in the know!

The first day of the rest of your life starts now.

We Would Love To Partner With You and Watch Our Podcasts & Network Grow Together

We are gathering and launching business, lifestyle, and inspirational podcasts specifically supporting female entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Join our Global Sisterhood Podcast Network, hosted on Megaphone.

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