In our funky, new rock and roll church Restoration Community Church we had a woman pastor and SHE ROCKED.  She was almost as great as our own Camp Sisters Lauren Miller or Cynthia James who have the spirit dialed in!  She talked about a few great holiday topics but I really loved her reference to

A feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable
synonyms: awe · admiration · wonderment · fascination · surprise ·
1. Desire or be curious to know something
synonyms: ponder · think about · meditate on · reflect on · muse on ·
2. feel admiration and amazement; marvel
synonyms:  marvel · be amazed · be astonished · stand in awe
So then I thought of Camp as “wonderful” and it all fit for me.  FULL of wonder!
She said to experience “wonder” we needed first to be present in this moment.  Then to take a breath and actually see, feel and be here now.  And in that space, we can know surprise, see everyday miracles, be amazed at life’s journey and feel JOY!
So this holiday season get one for YOU!  Give yourself the gift of a breath, a quiet place or a great girlfriend chat.  And experience JOY and WONDER!

XOXOX  Betsy