I Think Golf Is The Magic Connection Sport
I think my truth stands proven…..it is not how you golf but how you LOOK when you TRY to golf!
Yes as you can see some Sisters were wearing darling golf gear for the 2nd Annual Lauren Howe, Howe to Golf event.  And when Dr Michelle Wendling and I checked them in we would say…..looks like you play a lot of golf?  And they would say…..actually “I borrowed this outfit” or “I have not played since high school.”  And it proves my life point….LOOK the part and fake it till you make it!

Especially in golf, I need to wear the right clothes, I have my golf shoes and I am armed with Lauren Howe’s great lessons.  Then my mental game has to match my physical golfing attire and I have to RELAX and enjoy the journey.   There is life again, learn, prepare, dress the part, believe, relax and then LET GO!  My better strokes are when I just relax and don’t get so excited to “do to right” and fast.  And the journey of golf, like life, has ups, downs, “beaches” (sand traps) and water (hazards) and sometimes a putt that sinks itself from 45 feet (OK that was once but true!)
It’s a new shot every time.  It’s a new day every day.  Look to your “flag” have fun and SWING!
Make the most out of our summer of events to build your business and yourself.

Big love, Betsy