View from along the mountain hike

MiniCamp lived up to its name Mega MiniCamp.  Just look at the 80 amazing women gathered for a PsycheHike with Dr. Audrey Boxwell, PhD,some wonderful food by Footers Catering and Work Options for Women WOW, some crafts and a day of speakers.  No lie we ALL hiked up Spruce Mountain and back down before the rain, we all did some shopping that raised money for the Charity Partners and we all found an insight, idea or ah ha from the committed and dedicated speakers.

I must confess that half way up the Spruce Mountain hike I heard that voice in my head “What are you nuts?  Did you confuse yourself with a fit person?” but i pushed on and in every step I talked to my cranky hip joint and told it who was boss……..me!  And believed that I could get to the top, one step at a time………….and we all did!  Special thanks to Tara Ames from Spruce Mt Ranch and all of the speakers and crafters.

What is your Spruce Mountain?  What do you need to tackle one step at a time?  What fear do you need to defeat and tell it “who’s boss?”  Let the Camp Sisterhood surround you with the tools and connections to win your every battle or to enjoy your every adventure.  We are here for YOU and ready to go………..

Side notes:  Just a rumor there were mice in the hotel in Larkspur but in in the Albert’s Hall main room where we all slept………and someone may have snored just a bit………..all good.