A Week of Art Was Full of Tears, Fears and Renewal 
WOWOW I Finally Know Why You All Love Camp So Much! 

Last week I was off the grid!  Yes vegan, gluten-fee, fancy food cooked for us in the mountains of coastal California off the grid! And all week we made ART!

Sister Gerri Kier and I went to a cool new retreat center called 1440 Multiversity for a week with artist Kelly Rae Roberts. Go take a look at her most wonderful art! You have seen her in every Hallmark and gift store for a decade and she is one of the most licensed female artists, right there with our Camp artist Stephanie Burgess.

So we journaled and we listened and in the stillness found our angels to paint. And we learned techniques. And in this process I had a world of emotions…fear, crying, chronic not-enoughness and finally peace and ART! It came pouring out of me. One day my watch did not work (a sign!). And it was so hard to drip paint and get messy…till I did and it wasn’t. My point…LIVE is messy.  Life is listening and hearing and finding our inner guides.

Life needs skill training (read using oil paint for the first time.) And the better the tools, ALL from our Camp sponsor Guiry’s the best art store in America, the better the finished product. And the tears and fears helped the process. So NOW I know as a participant how the magic of CampExperience UNLOCKS your best life. And I felt the attention to details of Kelly Rae and saw how my details serve YOU! And I had the tears, laughing to tears, fears (nature) and joy Sisterhood brings. I just cannot wait for Camp! See you there for the fun very soon!

Guiry’s is Ready for Collage at Camp! 

Felicia and Carolyn from Guiry’s have been cooking up their Camp crafts and we are the lucky ones!  For the breakouts, they will have the whole Craft Cabin and can have up to 20 Sisters doing all kinds of fun paper college PLAY!  Every Sister will leave with a beautiful piece of art for their wall or for a gift.  And the ROCKS are back with a special finish…plenty of materials for Friday and Saturday evenings.
Thanks to the Guiry’s Team of Sisters who have the best ideas and supplies in the world.

We cannot wait to craft with you! Get your spot TODAY!