Nothing Like Some Water and Fun to Get You Thinking
   Report from 30 hours of sleep in the cool Northwest Washington State air with the birds singing and  friends chatting….a little bit of heaven was shared by all!
Last week in Bellingham I was filled with Clarity (traveling with Cathy Hawk helps) and gratitude for the wonder that are friends across the world.  Cathy and I stayed with Camp speaker and best friend Bonnie Dean Goss and bonded and planned the Fall Camp with Stephaine Burgess the artist.
WOWOWOWOW are we having FUN!  And WOWOWOWOW did I need the perspective.
To think we have had 12 years of CampExperience and we just keep growing and loving and giving and changing.  This trip was all about Vision for The CampExperience Network and the super exciting plans for 2018…yes 2018!  You see great Camps then start with vision NOW.
And this is my note this week…What is your NEXT?  Are you dreaming? Planning? Or even resting to get the energy for dreaming and planning?

Give yourself the gift this summer of RENEWAL.  Come play golf, Enjoy Life at Fairmount or grab a coffee with a Camp Sister.  The best is yet to come….stay tuned!