Alone, at Home, Me & My Colander Rocked it! 
I Just Never Bought the Glasses…And it Was Super Cool! 

Your CampExperience Team of me who writes the weekly blog is UP on the HOT topics…or cooler ones!
Last Monday when the world was in Wyoming (I think Lisa was), I was home…
Glasses-less!  I knew about it and I was supposed to be with Cathy and she had extras and I was not and I did not.  So I went online and made the pinhole paper plate thing.  Not great.

But then my neighbor (who had glasses and actually let me use them for a minute) told me about the “colander trick!”  And it was the coolest thing ever!  So me and the dogs in my backyard had a blast, watching the “half moons” on the concrete as the sun eclipsed. And then I was thinking…

So I went on Facebook Live and made one of my “walking” videos (see them here)
and I was talking about each of our LIGHT!  And keeping it “on,” as Cathy Hawk would tell us,
is our most important job!  And that like the sun, sometimes things (the moon)  “get in our way” and make some darkness.  Or in this case, weird chill in the air.  And then, as in life, we keep moving and the darkness is gone…and life gets HOT and bright again!

So all this is to say…Keep shining Sisters and Friends!  Let your light be BIG and HUGE and BRIGHT! And no darn moon is going to get in your way….very often! And if it does, you may make cool patterns on the concrete.

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