I Could Not Make This Story Up..Which is GREAT
I really don’t make the newsletter about me.  So this is all about MANIFESTATION.
A week ago I wrote a note about the amazing love of my husband Doug Lane and his hook up for Elton John (my super hero) concert tickets in Casper, Wyoming.

YES to the 10 hour road trip and YES to take our dear friends Sarah and Fred Michel.  And then destiny took over…..

First DOUG had the 2nd row seats because of his donations to the Matthew Shepard Foundation (good work in the world) 2nd row near the piano..
Next our friend Fred bought programs (I never buy programs)
Next the drunk girl in the seat in front of me had to potty often (good for me)
And at the end they called fans up near the stage and Elton signed our programs.

But better was I really feel like I has 2.5 hours of immersion in Elton…and that is my biggest bucket list dream…that I gave up on about a year ago…I let it go!
 So I totally received a gift to give to you….dream it, do the work and RELEASE!
If you told me this would ever happen, I would never believe it…and it did.
And Fred had a role and Sarah was tall and beautiful and attracted Elton and all is great.  We screamed like school girls.  I am still smiling….Doug is a hero.
And now it is your turn…..What is your most amazing dream…

Watch out here it comes!



Betsy Wiersma, Camp Founder
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