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Frequently Ask Questions

The CampExperience™ Network is not your average women’s retreat!  Now in its 12th year, we are a “Sisterhood by Choice” who choose to build our businesses and ourselves while helping the world.  This looks like networking events, social events, a free membership with newsletters and blogs, and both one-day city events and the annual Fall Retreat.  Here are some common questions.

Where did the CampExperience™ Network come from? 2017-09-10T22:15:38+00:00

Created in 2006, CampExperience™ was just a retreat created by Betsy Wiersma and her working volunteer committee.  After the first retreat, the “Sisters” wanted to grow their relationships and build their businesses, so we created CampConnections™ monthly networking events. Next, we added social events.  And MiniCamp one-day retreats.  And now with 5000+ alumni, we are the CampExperience™ Network.

Who is Betsy Wiersma? 2017-09-10T22:16:24+00:00

Betsy is an author, speaker and special event marketer who specializes in WOW! She is a social entrepreneur who invented Camp to bring together amazing women and support other people in need. Read all about Betsy.

How do I get in touch with Founder Betsy Wiersma? 2017-09-08T19:17:51+00:00

Fill out this web form below and we will send it right to her!

Is there a membership fee to join the Sisterhood? 2017-09-08T19:17:44+00:00

Membership is FREE!  We create a profile so you are in our system to receive our newsletters and event invites.

Is it really camping? 2017-09-10T22:18:00+00:00

Camp is the metaphor for getting away to experience transformation. Events are held at sponsor locations around Denver and at retreat centers and facilities.  Indoor plumbing is always available!

Is CampExperience™ a non-profit? Can I deduct my registration fees as a donation? 2017-09-10T22:21:26+00:00

Camp itself is not a charity, however, all activities at the Camp benefit the Charity Partners and other 501-C charity projects.

Can I go for just one day of the Fall CampExperience™ Retreat? 2017-09-10T22:20:55+00:00

With limited Camper slots and a full schedule of activities, we are only selling only full 2.5-day registrations for the Fall retreat. You can choose to come late or leave early if you need to. Success Summits are just one day and do not require overnight accommodations.

How can my company or product be showcased or sold at Camp? 2017-09-10T22:20:40+00:00

Contact Betsy at 303-994-1911 or complete the email form below for sponsorship information.

Do I have to stay on-site at the Fall retreat? 2017-09-10T22:18:46+00:00

In 2018 we are at Silver Cliff Ranch in Nathrop, CO.  The package includes all meals and lodging.

Can I talk to a Camper from another year to hear her feedback? 2017-09-10T22:20:02+00:00

Please connect with one of our Camp Ambassadors or complete the email form below and we will connect you with an alumni Camper.

Do people attend more than one time? 2017-09-08T19:17:36+00:00

Yes, there are new speakers, adventures, and surprises every year! Every year over 50% of the guests return as alumni Campers.



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