Take Action in 2021

There are many different foundations around the world where we can give. Give our time, our talent, and our treasures, but how do we pick? It can all be overwhelming, often leading us into no action. This past year taught us the small things are what matter most.

In the Camp Experience™ Network, we are shifting to focus on micro giving. What is that? It is about finding a need and fulfilling it.

We are keeping it simple.

An example of micro giving might be identifying a need from Cobbled Streets or our other community partners, and the CampExperience™ Network finds out how best to help. That could be we discover a lack of blankets, and we provide as many as we can for those in need.

We are starting the year off and will continue throughout with our fundraiser for Chromebook computers for kids. Many of these kids lack access to a computer, and they are quickly becoming the key to their success at school and in life. 

For Mothers Day, we are searching for purses, scarves, jewelry, gift cards, and little treats to put together a happy Mother's Day experience for mothers who might not feel that appreciated. They could be experiencing homelessness or coming out of the foster care system. They need and deserve some love. 

*Find more details on how you can partake in these efforts below. 

We are also participating in Acts of Kindness. We will take positive action where ever we can. How can you show kindness today?

Join us to Do Good & Have Fun.

Donate Your Duds

We Want to Do Good & Have Some Fun in 2021...

Join Closet Factory and your Sisters from the CampExperience™ Network and recycle your “Duds” to help our community.

We are gathering gently used or new jackets (which can be blazers, outerwear, or even bulky sweaters), handbags, scarves, and jewelry.  

The Jackets will be resold at The Jacket Exchange, a fundraising event on March 10th. The purses, scarves, and jewelry will be given to moms on Mother’s Day and will be used at the Fall Retreat for our Power of the Purse fundraising activity. 

100% of the proceeds will benefit CampExperience™ Network Charity Partners: Cobbled Streets and Mile High United Way.


Drop Off Locations

Chromebook Computer Drive

Can you imagine not having a computer or access to a computer to do your school work and life?

CampExperience™ Network is teaming up with our 2021 Charity Partner Cobbled Streets to fund Chromebook computers in a year-long drive for youth in the Dry Bones and Bridging the Gap programs.

Can you donate $221 to sponsor a computer or any amount to help a student in need?

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