Happy Spring! What Will You Grow?

Yes, It Is Still Spring!   Welcome Sun, Flowers, and Growth!
Hello Sisters. Happy Spring.  With so much talk of everything virus, we almost miss everything else!
Spring is a time of planting, new growth, and renewal.  Spring is a time of anticipation, hope, and promises.
Spring is a gift of warmer temperatures and fresh ideas.  Yes, Sisters, it is SPRING!
Let's take some help from Spring and use that as we enjoy "social distancing" in our own way!
  • Everything starts with a SEED!  What dream is ready to ROCK?  What do you think you would dare to do?  How do you start now visualizing the end result?
  • With that seed, you need good soil, plant food, and water.  The good soil is your friends around you that can stand with you in your process.  Gather these Sisters and share your BIG IDEA. 

    Plant food is the research of others who have had a similar path.  Do your homework!  What can you do to learn what you need to help your idea?  And the water is from heaven!  Count on the "rain" from heaven and the process of taking time to water your seed and watch it grow!
  • Patience is the key to growth!  There is a growing process and it takes time.  And guess what....we do not have control of this amazing process!  Yes, that no control sounds familiar. We can do all the right things and we still have to wait.  Just start with knowing good things take time and enjoy the journey along the way. 

Mondays Come and Get Some Sister Love
Every Monday:  7 pm. Register at CampExperience.com/Events.
Come for a playdate called Connection Conversations. Bring a beverage and share the journey
Monday, April 6  Poetry Jam with Carol Calkins and Share your Word Art
For April, make your word in ART!  Anything works.  Just pick a word and decorate it and then come and share it on Monday nights PLUS post it in the CampExperience Facebook group to uplift your Sisters.

Sisters Strong Podcast & Video Series 
Enjoy Sponsors and Sisters sharing helpful videos or choose to listen to the content in our new Sister Strong podcast.     

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