This Sculpture for Me Is Us, the Camp Sisters

This Statue is in a Park In Oslo, Norway
I think this Frogner Park is one of the coolest places I have ever visited. It has a Rose Park with 14,000 roses spread across 150 species and The Vigelands area has over 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland.  He captured many of life's moments, including every stage, from birth to death, around and on a central spire.  
This sculpture for me is us, the Camp Sisters.  Here we are huddled in a circle of love and friendship.  We stand "in stone" strong and together.  We hold each other and focus on the mission: Do Good Have FUN!  And attract a tribe of Sisters to join us to build their businesses and themselves.
Now is the moment we prepare a YEAR for.....drum roll....the Fall Retreat Registration is open!
The great news is we have 40+ speakers and activity leaders, our first-ever LIVE art, music and ideas festival and so many 15th Anniversary surprises....we promise not to disappoint!
Visit to see the fantastic Kyle Dyer Storytelling video by Kyle and the amazing Julie Andrews.  Then REGISTER and grab one of the 35 spots we have left....yes 35!  
I know just 35!
The first 15 to register (for the 15th-anniversary theme) by March 15th will receive a special gift from one of our amazing sponsors! Possible gifts include: lunch with Betsy Wiersma, Touchstone jewelry, a $20 gift card, Beautycounter products, services from Aesthetics 360 Face and Body, a Betsy Wiersma Inspirational Art Blessing Journal. A live random drawing will take place March 16th at 4 pm MT on Facebook LIVE on
Watch the reveal and see your special gift!
Keep your eyes open for the speaker announcement.  Get the schedule.  Call your very best friend (no B******) and bring her!  Know this year's Fall Retreat is OVER THE TOP of the TOP!
Thanks for the RAVE REVIEWS of the new website and for Boost Power Podcast.
We have 8 Podcasts ready for your listening pleasure and 8 more up soon! listen to Boost Power Podcast, explore a Global Sisterhood Network  Sister Story   Join us for an event.
Join the Facebook Private Group!   And connect to our active Sisterhood.
Let's Sell Out the Fall Retreat and Celebrate 15th Years Together!
Betsy Wiersma, Founder 
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Weekly for our Global Sisters we will share a video of a "Sister Story" of an interesting woman we have met in our travels around the world.  Vilborg Jóhannsdóttir has a wonderful story about being a women shop owner and the leader of fashion trends in the small Iceland town of Akureyri.  This interview is part of the fun Global Sisterhood Network meeting we had when the Mayor of Akureyri gathered her favorite women pals.  Enjoy her Sister Story   Scroll down to Iceland..

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