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This Is One of My Most Exciting Moments of my 58 Year Life
In 2017, my wonderful husband Doug Lane asked if I was "busy next Wednesday Night?"  He had a set of 4 tickets to see Elton John in Casper, Wyoming.  Here was the promo:
Sir Elton John, fifteen days shy of his 70th birthday, delivers All the Hits to Casper, Wyoming. Elton John and his band perform during the Wonderful Crazy Night Tour on, March 15, 2017, at the Casper Events Center.
So Doug and I grabbed our friends, Fred and Sarah Michel, and drove 5 hours on an adventure I will never forget.  After climbing up to the top level seats, the usher said "No, young lady your seats are DOWN THERE!"  Doug laughed. He knew. We were in the second row.
Here is the moment that Sarah and I had our signed programs and Sir Elton right there.....WOW Factor of my life.  You see I have a thing for Elton John.  I have a "shrine" in my office.  I have seen him all over the world and in the US a dozen times.  But this time....A FOREVER MOMENT!
My point this month is the WOW Factor.  What is it that stops us in our tracks and creates a lifelong memory?  What brings great joy?  And what anchors the miracles of possible (or 2nd row seats!)
We are now crafting your WOW moments for the Fall Camp Retreat.  We spend a year curating over 30 speakers and activity leaders.  We entrust them with your souls and hearts and spirits.  And we orchestrate a weekend that delivers the WOW.......15 years and counting!
Get a preview.  Registration is open March 1.  Limited spots available...Get yours!
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