What Matters with Family Matters??

What Matters with Family Matters??
We traveled to Spain to see our darling Sarah and returned just last weekend.  I can hardly believe she is 17 and a Senior at A+ World Academy.  This year she is class President!  And she is starting her plans for college to study fashion.   WOWOWOWOWOW was it yesterday we adopted this one-day-old baby girl?
This week away really made me think about the expanding adventures, ideas and experiences that come with our "family" relationships.  When Sarah said YES to A+ World Academy, Doug and Betsy said YES to this global adventure that has taken us to Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, South American and now Spain.
What I thought about is that this same expansion is what the CampExperience Sisterhood is all about!  We don't have to (buy we can!) travel to expand our horizons.  We can grow and change and experience new perspectives at a meeting, doing art or at the Fall Camp Retreat.  With a "safe place" to really be our true self, we can choose to try new things, learn new ways and fail if we need to.  
All is good in the family!
This is my favorite season for gratitude and you may choose to join me in my daily practice.  Each evening I write in my Blessing Journal everything that worked!  I appreciate my husband, my staff and my self!  YES, I really try to recognize what I am doing well and then I choose to do more of it!  I relax, breathe and remember those blessings as I close my eyes and rest.  It really is a great way to end a busy day!
So come enjoy the Camp family and GROW as much as you can.  And ENJOY this season of networking and celebrating.  I will see you there!
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November & December Events
Coffee & Conversations  November 6
CampConnections Southeast    November 12
Angel Concept & Chocolate Therapist Shopping & Sipping  November 13
CampConnections West  November 21
Happy Thanksgiving!
CampConnections North Holiday Breakfast  December 5
Mainstream Boutique Aurora Holiday Party  Gifts for ALL  December 5
DON"T MISS the 2020 15th Anniversary Celebration.
Hold the dates of September 18-20, 2020 back at LaForet Conference & Events Center for a LIVE Music, Art & Ideas Festival at the Fall Retreat.  Registration opens in early 2020 at CampExperienceRetreat.com 
See Julie Nygard and Betsy Wiersma present Ideas to Share!
December 10     10 am - 5 pm
Newman Center for the Performing Arts
2344 E Iliff Ave, Denver, CO 80210
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Join Betsy and Doug and walk in the United Way Turkey Trot

We love this super fun walk or run if you choose.  Meet us and enjoy a stroll with thousands of Denver friends as we support Camp Charity Partner

Mile High United Way.
Opening ceremonies is at 10 am.  This is really fun!

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