How to Rock 2020 With A Vision Board

These Ladies Have Something to Share
All of these Camp Sisters have some help as they activate their goals and dreams for 2020.  They all started with a Vision Board, and so can you!
A Vision Board is a visualization of what you want.  In our 15 years of the CampExperience Network, we have made all types of vision boards, vision cubes (boxes with your dreams inside), vision flowers (shaped small pieces) and even vision jewelry.  We have experienced some legendary miracles that Sisters and friends have "attracted" by being clear of their desires and creating visual reminders in the form of words and pictures.  Ask Dr. Michelle Wendling about her diamond engagement ring.....or Maree Chavez about her daughter Luna....intention with focus and action creates results!
To create a Vision Board gather these supplies:
Favorite magazines, paper or canvas, markers, scissors, glue, decorations if you are fancy like sequins, glitter or other bobbles, good music or a great friend, beverage of choice and a attitude of creative possibility!
Now I have some additional magic that I teach in my classes:
Draw a heart on the blank paper or canvas.  Write on the inside the "desires of your heart" and what you want more of in your life.  Examples might be: health, joy, peace, new friendships, adventures, love, romance, prosperity.  Now around the outside of the heart, write positive affirmations "I will" statements.  Examples might be:  I will move more, I will cook yummy meals, I will spend time with my family, I will love myself first. (OK those were mine!)  You get the idea.  We are building the "foundation" of the images or words with the magic of exactly what we want.
Now find words and photos of things that attract you and make you happy.  They can be what you want exactly or just what calls you.  Cut them, glue them over your intentions and create your masterpiece!  YOU have a vision board.  Now put it in a place to remind you of those dreams and "I will" statements and watch the magic happen!
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Let's ROCK 2020....Together!!
Betsy Wiersma, Founder 
CampExperience™ Network and Global Sisterhood Network™
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Mayor Åsthildur Sturludóttir

Global Sisterhood Updates:  Meet Mayor Åsthildur Sturludóttir

Weekly for our Global Sisters we will share a video of a "Sister Story" of an interesting women we have met in our travels around the world.  Ásthildur is the Mayor of Akureyri, Iceland, a city of about 19 thousand.  She is the second female mayor in the history of the Akureyri Municipality which is located in the far north of Iceland and is the largest Municipality outside of Reykjavík capital area. Akureyri is a Sister City of Denver.  We had the most wonderful day with the Mayor and her tribe of amazing women.  Enjoy the first of these Iceland stories.

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