Wrapping Up the Year with Ted-X

Wrapping Up the Year with Ted-X
Ted-X Is DONE And We Are Complete!
It has been a long while since I have taken on a really big extra special project.
I was blessed to be chosen to do a Ted-X CherryCreekWomen talk on December 10th.  If you have never heard of this movement, Ted and Ted-X talks are for "ideas worth spreading" and are no more than about 18 minutes in total length.............memorized without notes!
And during your "talk" you are videotaped in HD for a legacy video that will live forever and tell your idea.  To everyone in the world.  Forever.  No pressure!
It was fun and hard and I put way too much pressure on me to be "perfect" for this very important day.  In the end, I was blessed as I was surrounded by so many of my Sisters.  Carol Calkins recruited 10 volunteers THANKS!   The event producers are Sisters Dafna Michaelson Jenet and Christy Belz.  My hair and makeup (at 5:30 am) were done by Hair People's amazing Windamere and my outfit was styled by Mainstream Boutique Alex and Dawn.  Nails by Shawn Bustamante. 
I feel like a real celebrity!  (How does anyone do this every day??)
Here is the link for your viewing enjoyment.  Mine starts at 14:45
My topic is all about YOU....Choose Your Family Change Your Life!  We are united by a choice that is powerful and supportive and real.  We are a Sisterhood By Choice and we Do Good & Have Fun! We are growing and learning and enjoying the journey.  And the real story takes longer than 16 minutes!
Watch for your holiday wishes as are so grateful this holiday season.......for YOU!
Again, Happy Holidays to you and yours! 
Betsy Wiersma, Founder 
CampExperience™ Network and Global Sisterhood Network™
Host Boost Power Podcast
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See below the result of all of that great prep and support!

Global Sisterhood Podcast Network & Boost Power Podcast Coming in 2020

Watch out world, here we come!  Boost Power Radio is now jumping into the global podcast movement with Boost Power Podcast.  Now we will continue to Amplify the voices of amazing women in Colorado and the world!

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