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Sponsor Highlight - Fastlane Productions and Their Innovation & Passion for Storytelling

Here at the CampExperience™ Network, we get to Do Good and Have Fun because of the generous support of our Camp sponsors. Fastlane Productions has been a presenting sponsor of the network from the beginning. For more than 15 years, we have relied on the technical experience and innovation of Doug Lane and his company to plan and pull off amazing events. Here is Doug’s story.

The Early Years

Doug is an innovative thinker. This was evident from a young age while working at a high-end restaurant in Malibu, California. The night the valet quit was Doug’s big break. Even though he didn’t have his license yet, at 15 ½ years old, the manager of the restaurant needed someone to step in and Doug fit the bill. For over a year, he parked pricey, high-end cars in the restaurant’s lot - going above and beyond by washing car windows and leaving mints on the dashboard. Easily making up to $200 in tips a night, this was Doug’s first sign that out-of-the-box thinking and customer service would be his keys to success.

Coming to Colorado

While Doug is originally from California, he moved to Colorado for college and hasn’t looked back. While pursuing his Commercial Arts Degree from the Colorado Institute of Art, he worked as an intern and photographer for the Coors Brewing Company. His early career involved representing, and taking photos, of the Coors car at Indy races and taking photos of the Coors family during official events.

DJ Doug

It wasn’t long before Doug Lane began utilizing his art degree and love of innovation by switching from photography to becoming a disc jockey. In the decade of afros and leisure suits, Doug decides to join the DJ business but to do it his way. He began hiring radio station DJs for his gigs. Bringing in professionals gave his business an edge and Fastlane Productions was born.

The business became very popular, quickly, with requests for everything from school parties to barn bat mitzvahs. It was an interactive experience that incorporated great lighting, special effects, fantastic audio, and even breakdance groups. No one was going to such lengths at the time and Fastlane Productions became a popular choice for event entertainment.

Move to Production Industry

Forty years later, Fastlane Productions still carries that torch of creativity and innovation, as well as technical production expertise in lighting, audio, video, and staging to help businesses and organizations, small and large, with their in-person and virtual events.

Fastlane Productions has been honored to work on all sorts of large and interesting projects over the decades, including traveling with the NHL League for their stadium series, providing support for political stages including the Colorado Governor (every 4 years), the Denver mayor, and the President and Vice President (when in town).

The CampExperience™ Network Fall Retreat has certainly benefited from having the Fastlane Productions team on site every year, supporting us with incredible production and event support at our annual retreat and efforts to do good and have fun, while raising over $1,000,000 for charity organizations.

With an investment in large mobile generators, making it possible to produce their own electricity on-site, Fastlane is a self-contained mobile production management company with the skills, expertise, and equipment to pull off any drive-thru event, corporate event, concert, in-person or virtual fundraising efforts, and so much more.

Becoming a Virtual & Video Storyteller

The event production industry took a huge hit in 2020 with the onset of the pandemic. This has required the Fastlane Productions team to use their innovative culture and expertise to find new ways to serve those in need by increasing their virtual or video storytelling efforts. Since late spring, Fastlane has brought their talents to various drive-in and virtual weddings, graduations, church services, corporate meetings, and fundraising efforts. 

Their entire staff has morphed into becoming the go-to place for virtual meetings, webcasts, and custom web presentations. For organizations seeking something more when it comes to their webcasts, the Fastlane team has the equipment and the creative ideas to transform the experience into something more than your standard Zoom meeting. They offer custom web presentations by filming both live and simulive footage and taking that footage to create stories highlighting what their clients are about, what they want to say, and what they are trying to do. Fastlane helps organizations tell a story from top to tail - including the main story, interweaved with microstories - all custom filmed, edited, and presented by the team. This work has been really exceptional, the results have been amazing, and their clients rave about the outcome.

Today, they can have 100 people in one room and numerous individuals simultaneously watching the event online. The Fastlane team produces for both the in-person and web experience all at once. Even with two different output approaches, the outcome is that everyone participates or donates and contributes at the same time, being a part of the same event in real time. What they’ve discovered is that this virtual approach has merit even after the pandemic passes because it gives an organization a longer shelf life for their presentation, benefiting them for months or years to come.

One example of this is the Women’s Bean Project This non-profit had ten to twelve days to produce a 30-minute story because they couldn’t host their live, in-person meal and fundraising event in April. However, they needed the support for their non-profit in these challenging times. Fastlane Productions jumped in to help and uncovered the story, their story, and shot film in the factory. They hit all the points that would’ve been covered at the in-person event and condensed it all within 30 minutes, including collecting donations. This type of storytelling allowed for going remote and talking to relevant women that may not have been able to attend the event. This event did so well and The Women’s Bean project raised over $200,000 from that webcast and it still has shelf life - all while staying 100% virtual.

When it comes to directing and producing these virtual events, Fastlane Productions focuses on the SEA of life - Spontaneity, emotion, and action. If what you do has those three components in it, you are hitting 99% of what people want - visually, audibly, and everything else. Doug understands this value and his team incorporates these into every project - bringing creativity and innovation to help organizations stay relevant, reach more people, and spread awareness of the products, services, and causes they care about.

To find out more about Doug Lane and Fastlane Production visit their website:

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