Connecting to Your Heart Energy

Carmel O'Sullivan is a new Camp Sister this year. She is a Certified Healing Practitioner, Medical Reiki Master, Evidential Medium and Psychic, and a "Healer with a Message."

This is Carm's Sister Story.

My business reaches people all over the world via Zoom and phone. I do physical healing work in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo. I also Zoom with clients for readings and mediumship from all over the world. I have clients in England, Canada and all over the U.S. My reach is unlimited.

How It Began

I was told all my life that I was a healer, from different psychics, to friends to even my decorator. I always laughed about the mention of me being a healer. In 2009 my husbands business was wiped out as was our financials, our house and my bank account as well. I saw it in 2000 when I was forced to sign a bond guarantee for a large property of my husbands. I told him that this bond will make me go broke. He assured me that I was the last person they would look at for payment. Well I was right, the bond company came after me a stay at hone mom for payment of over $800,000. I then proceed to sell all my valuables even my wedding ring and went bankrupt. The same year I took a Reiki class and discovered why I was told I was a healer. This class opened the doors to all my god given gifts of being a hands on energetic healer, psychic and medium. After my first Reiki class I took a Healing Touch Therapy class and this was where I knew where I had to place my focus,. Healing Touch is a bio energetic therapy that was created by a nurse to alleviate pain, stress and bring peace and calm to the body. It is a journey of 5 weekend classes and 100 patients documented treatments, case studies and minor case studies. It is truly getting a master’s degree in energy work. It gave me the basis for an in depth look at energy and all things are energy in my book. I then proceed to work at Memorial Hospital in Oncology and also I walked all floors from ICU to Labor and deliver and pre and post operation rooms. Working with my clients I also discovered I was a gifted Evidential Medium (yes I talk to the dead) and Psychic (Past present and future). I believe when bad things happen or doors close other positive things come forth. Without me going bankrupt and losing everything I don’t think I would have ever discovered my true calling, healing work. I have trained with the best teachers, Myra Tovey (the heart of Healing Touch ) John Holland, Janet Nahavec , Joe Schiel and Michelle Moceri all amazing psychic medium teachers.

My business 8 years later is thriving and growing and I have my own office and I am all by word of mouth and my clients are amazing and I just love them. I do large group Medium readings to House clearings and blessings and also teach Intuitive training. My life is full and purposeful and full of fun and blessings along the way.

The Path Is Never Smooth

Well most of my friends had no idea who I really was and I always felt the dead even when I was young and yes lived in haunted houses…I just didn’t realize I was the haunted one not the house. So telling people of my true path took a lot of bravery because people either leaned or they leaned out. I decided I did not care what people thought as long as I loved myself and my work. Luckily more people leaned in than leaned out. I am a bridge for ordinary people who have never considered talking to medium psychic healer but are looking for help.

My Business Specialty

So I specialize in working with people who have never had a reading or healing before. I am a christian based healer who loves all faiths, non faiths and no judgement . I place people at ease and educate them on energy and how my gifts work in this crazy energetic world. I always work from positive energy and also ask for the highest healing of the day for my clients whether it be from healing words of a medium/psychic or hands on healing. My mediumship is highly evidential and what I mean is: My clients loved ones must show me things about themselves I would not know, (eg their name, how they died, phrases they said to their loved ones, occupation and or they share a memory of their relationship with my client. It's always interesting and there are good spirit communicators and some you struggle with. Just like in life some people are very verbose and some shy and quiet. I have been amazed at the messages that come through me and I am even tickled about how it happens. I always lead with my heart and ask my spirit guides and angels to help.

Big Vision, Big Impact

I am here on this earth to help people connect to their heart energy and I am to educate them on energy and how to live a fuller more happy life if we can release the worry, the negative thoughts, the pain and more. I look at all things as energy and the ying and yang of it. My vision is to be on a bigger platform talking about how we can all heal ourselves if we shift our attention to the energies around us!

Carmen's Global Statement for Women

If there is one thing I would like to express to my fellow female energies is: Life is short, Love yourself first, Live in the Present and be a positive force for movement forward in everyone you touch energetically.

Don’t forget the ‘F” word………FUN!

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