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Leslie Klinck, and Closet Factory, are a huge part of the CampExperience Network each year. They co-host and sponsor our annual Donate Your Duds drive that helps us collect gently-used clothing to sell in our Camp boutique each year. The funds from that sale are part of the $30,000+ we raise each year to support our Charity and Global partners. 

This is Leslie Klinck's Sister Story.

I spent most of my career In corporate America working In travel technology, doing product development and product marketing.  I left corporate America for a while to venture out on my own and fulfill a dream to own my own business and do Interior design, and to be passionate about something.  I opened an Interior Décorating business that was a franchise.   I started that venture right before the recession In 2008, and was humming along pretty well until the recession hit.  My world turned upside down and I found myself having to go back to work In travel technology.  I endured that madness for almost 5 years while I got back on track.  During that time I finished my Masters Degree In Marketing while I was still working, and then that company laid me off.  It was a tough time, but It led me to where I am now.  I got hired by Closet Factory and I've been there for 4 1/2 years now.  I absolutely love what I do.  I have finally found the thing that I was meant to do. 

About Closet Factory

Closet Factory has been In business In Colorado for 28 years.  We are owned by the Lestikow Family and we have a beautiful showroom and office and factory located In Centennial off E-470 and Peoria. 

Our tagline Is:

"We are the custom storage solution authority and we design around YOU"

What sets us apart from others Is that we are a floor based system rather than a wall hung system.  This Is Important because the weight of the floor can handle much more than the wall.  This also allows you to have full adjustability.  While our name Is Closet Factory, and the majority of our business Is closets, we do much more.  We can do any area In the home where custom storage Is needed.  That Includes home offices, laundry rooms, pantries, mudrooms, garages, craft rooms, entertainment centers, libraries, and we even do wallbeds.

Leslie's BIG Vision

I already know how much of an Impact our products make In people's lives.  That Is one of the many things I love about this job.  My clients are always telling me how much they love the space we worked on whether It be there closet, home office, garage, etc. 

If people are happy with their space, it allows them to be more organized and productive, and as a result they have more peace of mind, then I have done my job.    

Sometimes people say to me, I could never afford one of those closets, but then I ask people how much they think a closet costs and they have no Idea.  As In most things, If you want something bad enough, you'll figure out how to get It.   So, not just with closets, but with anything In your life and In business,  If you want It bad  enough….you will figure out a way to get It.

Leslie's Global Statement for Women 

Your closet Is an Important space.  You begin and end your day In the closet.  It can set the tone for your day.  An organized closet where you can find things and put things away will give you peace of mind.   Everyone deserves a custom closet!

As far as resources go, we have many.  Our website has so many Images to Inspire you.  We also have blog posts with a lot of great information, such as tips on storing your clothes for the season.  Check it out:


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