When Is the Last Time Your Felt Happy?

Happy_1I know we all felt happy at CampExperience with the Sisters, the food, the Cog Railway and the crafts………OK and the speakers and the gifts and the Olympians! But when were you on purpose with passion toward your dreams, your goals and life?  I hope for all of us that we can say NOW and always but as a human I can say “peddling as fast as I can” and “just happy to be alive.”

Nearly 8 years ago I met Cynthia James and that tea meeting changed my life forever.  She was smart and sassy and beautiful from the inside out and I met my Sister for life……….LIFE ON PURPOSE!  So for 8 wonderful years we have played at Camp and planned her BIG LIFE and laughed and cried and created and promoted and loved each other.  AMEN for a friend like that.

Do yourself the best favor EVER….jump into her Women Creating Our Futures Conference January 15-17 here in the Denver Tech Center with me and Lisa Haas and 3 days of amazing speakers you will LOVE.  It is her gift to you at $197 and you might just find your HAPPY!?

All Season I am on a mission to promote experiences that make our lives GREAT………Gift them, to YOURSELF and others.  ROCK every day!

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