betsy and SarahI have a secret.  And as part of my commitment to have interesting and insightful blogs, I will now share it with you…………

The miracles have already happened………….live in gratitude for them and hold on for the E ticket ride!

So this is what I mean…………I personally have been in such a learning curve with the new web site launching (BLESS Lisa Haas and her team), all the sponsors confirming and all the events in development.  In this whirl, I saw some inspirational cross my stacks…..The Miracles Have Already Happened.  And so in my daily Clarity Check-In gratitude session, I was grateful………….I was grateful for the miracles that had already happened!

· Grateful for the current ROCKSTAR Camp sponsors and their help getting the paperwork done (and the agreement are rolling in…)

· Grateful for the new sponsors I am calling on who are saying YES and will add so much to the Camp family

· Grateful for the AMAZING year of Pre-Camp events and the speakers and sponsors who are stepping up to make them the best EVER  (Wait till you see the line ups……….AMAZING!)

· Grateful for the great work I will do for my Purdue University………….and the client called me!

· Grateful for Megan Burtt helping me with my focus on fitness and nutrition and our time at Zumba and in the pool (and the pounds will fall off….OK still working on this one!)

I notice that if you THANK IN ADVANCE for all things good that are in your heart, the FLOW is unstoppable and even when you don’t get exactly everything, you move FORWARD with positive energy and style.  The “miracles” are the hard work and preparation and service you have done for many years.  The miracles are everything you have “pre-paved” as our Camp alumni Elizabeth Fayt would say.  The miracles are the photos from your vision board.  The miracles are your biggest ideas and best dreams.  The miracles are on the way…………….be thankful NOW and every day and watch them come ALIVE!!