October 21, 2021

Leading Through Dance

Nicole Predki


The MSU Denver Dance Program’s mission is to prepare students to be leaders in the dance profession and other realms through experiential learning, creative and scholarly research, community engagement, entrepreneurship, collaborative exchange, and diverse artistic experiences. The program aims to be inclusive and help all students develop the skills necessary to meet their individual career goals, to experience physical, mental, and emotional wellness, and to positively impact society through purposeful work and study in the dance field and beyond.  The Dance Program is distinctive in its versatility and its partnership with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD). CPRD is recognized worldwide for its dynamic cross-cultural curriculum, community engagement, innovative choreography, and promotion of American dance heritage. In this exciting program, CPRD’s mission of social transformation through dance and MSU Denver’s academic rigor and focus on real-world experience converge.

People Featured

Students from Dance Entrepreneurship Course

Brianna Stephens 

Cornelia Moore

Hanna Dotson

Hannah Slate

Holly Schlotterback

Katy Gallagher

Kelsey Kiernan

Shawnee DeChristopher

Tyra Swenson-Bell

Valeria Saucedo

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