August 12, 2021

Live BIG! Adventures and Women

Pat Jaques

Pat Jaques's passion is empowering women to live in the truth of their brilliance. Motorcycles were her escape as a kid. After school, she would head off into the freedom of the forest and the woods. To this day, she loves riding my motorcycle in the backcountry! It refreshes, rejuvenates, and invigorates like nothing else.

Similarly, Pat found the cleansing release and joy of working with amazing, empowering coaches. The coaches supported her through challenges to heal and discover her authentic self. Through this work, she uncovered that she had been a lifelong coach. She believes healing emotional wounds and trauma releases the past to live an abundant, joyful life in the present. The reward for moving past the fear, challenge and uncertainty of riding off-road motorcycles is confidence and the freedom to live an adventurous life. Pat focuses on how motorcycling and healing support each other by transforming challenges into opportunities, confidence is key, and she knows women develop confidence experientially.

"Women supporting women is powerful and natural. I believe in me. And I believe in you." - Pat Jaques

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