April 29, 2021

Service Above Self: Colorado Women's Day

Deborah Deal-Blackwell


Deborah has been extremely active in her community, has served on numerous boards, and ran for public office. In 2016 she started Jeffco International Women’s Day which is a registered event with the global International Women’s Day office. Her goal with Women’s Day has been to bring attention to issues affecting women and children including human trafficking and domestic abuse. In addition, Women’s Day has served as inspiration for women and girls to pursue their dreams as entrepreneurs and nourish their creativity. 

 The driving passion behind many of Deborah’s entrepreneurial and nonprofit activities is providing clean water. More than 2.2 billion people do not have safely managed drinking water services . This lack of clean water resources most greatly impacts women who are usually responsible for the often miles per day trek to obtain water of questionable safety for their family. This daily labor and poor health from polluted water and crops eats time that could be spent obtaining an education and improving their lives. It keeps women locked in a vicious cycle of old traditions, lack of opportunity, and often physical and mental abuse.

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