April 1, 2021

Stress Less NOW!

Dr. Annika Sorensen


Dr. Annika Sorensen is a Medical Doctor from Sweden, a Stress strategist, Calm Catalyst, Speaker, Author, and Mentor. She joins Betsy to discuss how she changed focus from disease to calm and health promotion, stress management and other business-related issues. She is busy helping Business Leaders find calm, get more done, have more fun and create bigger success!

She is an international public speaker with two TEDx talks. She is the author of two books “Take Stress from Chaos to Calm” and “My De-Stress Diary.” In this time her message on how to stay calm in a stressed-out world is more needed than ever.

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Dr. Annika Sorensen: @askdrannika & https://www.askdrannika.com/ 
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