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Enjoy some of these great programs and offerings brought to you by our sponsors!

The best place to see great promotions, offers and events from our sponsors is to visit our CampExperience Facebook page! We updated it continuously with wonderful places to connect and take advantage of all that our network has to offer!

Shop Camp Sister Experiencesjanna_cindy

Golf with our new Pro Lauren Howe

Shoot with Olympic-hopeful Sarah Beard

Ski with Paralympian Mel Schwartz

Shop or reinvent your style with Stylist Dana Lynch

Learn photography or get a new camera with Jen Jones and Mike’s Camera

Or Get Services with a Smile

New York Life will help those financial planning dreams come true Lynette HaysHeidi HalusKelly Collins, Renae Morrish

Christen Resmo is offering  $100 savings to you – for two full healing sessions.

Get a chiropractic alignment and body check from Dr. Michelle Wendling, DC

Let Gerri Kier get you on the road to weight loss and total health

Cater a YUMMY party with April Lambatos and Footers Catering

Get ROCK STAR new glasses from Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, DO

Susan Roberts at Sunshine Plumbing, Heating and Air waived the trip charge and has a standing discount for Camp Sisters…check that heater NOW

Kathleen Osgood from Westminster EmbroidMe has Free Embroidery Logo Set Up ($115 value) on order of 25 shirts or more 2. Save $5.00 on an Embroidered Personalized Item 3. Free Screen Set Up ($30 value) on a one color, 25 piece screen print job.


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