Raving Fans

Group shot2Our picture captures a beautiful day in Colorado Springs for the World’s Talles Group Shot atop Pikes Peak, CO at our 2015 annual retreat where over 200 Campers enjoyed a weekend packed with powerful speakers, amazing adventures, Smores, talents and surprises.  All of our efforts benefited our Charity Partners.

Here is what the Campers are saying…………..

  • Experience, Enlighten, Absorb and Share…         Shawn Bustamante
  • Camp has been the BEST business connection ever.   Cathy Hawk
  • I absolutely loved every aspect of the experience!    Angela Cody
  • A time to renew, reflect and re-energize   Mary Granneman
  • Change your life, from the Inside-Out   Amy Munnell
  • A high-octane inspirational adventure. Jill Lewis
  • Inspirational, fun, great networking!   Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

Special thanks again and again to all of the sponsors, speakers, committee members, volunteers and Campers who made a weekend of miracles possible.

We are now in 2016 planning mode….want to play with us?  Contact Betsy with your BIG IDEAS.

Biggest LOVE – Betsy, the CampExperience Team


Hear advice and tips  from other Camp Sisters about their time at CampExperience!

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Feedback from 2014 Camp Sisters:
“I just love Camp!” Lynn Hellerstein

“My life has been affected by CampExperience in many ways. I believe that I am: more self-confident, more positive, more creative, more invigorated, and happier because of my participation in CampExperience activities. I am especially inspired by Betsy, who is a force of positive energy.” Earlaine Worel

“CampExperience has been life changing for me. Each year I seem to leap into new endeavors and meet wonderful new friends. The women I’ve met are truly extraordinary! Thank you to all who have made CampExperience such a wonderful environment.” Carol Caulkins

“Camp is uplifting and definitely a get out of your box for life.” Paula Workman

“I will be darned if I did not get my mammogram because of Camp:) Thanks for caring!” Lisa Haas

“The impact has been life and business altering. Its so nice to be 50 years old and STILL be able to meet good girlfriends and build strong relationships. Sometimes its hard to create impact and create deep relationships but camp and camp events makes it easy to do that.” Liz Wendling

“Camp is fulfilling & inspiring every year!” Stephanie of Garvins Sewers

“Celebrate your beautiful self at CampExperience.” Rev Mary Jo Honiotes

“Camp Experience is an AMAZING weekend!!” Marianne Richmond

“Always wanted a sister and now I have many.” Deb Clark

“A great place to hear that Enough is what you are!” SJB

“Friends, fun, charity and business.  Camp has it all!” Jill Klancke

“CE is what every other networking group aspires to.” Denver Dress for Success

“The workshops delivered powerful information and proven tactics, while expanding my vision for what is possible for me!”  – Diana Jones, Denver City Reprographics

“Professionally, Camp has thrown me into a new client market that would have taken me literally years to prospect.”
– Tara Hall, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

“No conference draws such talented speakers, leaders and participants! Camp is my investment in me… every year! – Tammy Abramovitz, Castle Rock

“WOW I still cannot believe the speakers are “Campers” like the rest of us! What a treat to get my personal questions answered and to form new top level friendships.” – Cyndi Muirhead, The Limited Stores

A Special Tribute and Moment of Gratitude from CampExperience 2013

Sisters of Leavenworth from Mares Media on Vimeo.

” I had so much fun last weekend. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I have found my confidence and am working hard on finding my purpose.” – Paula Radke

“Wow!!! I am just high from the experience today! What an amazing organization that you have created! I feel truly blessed to have been a part of your day today and am so excited about future events!” – Lisa Groves, Certified Health and Wellness Counselor

“Thanks for another great Camp Experience! You’ve created a beautiful event, which really appears to be building momentum! I love the people, networking, inspirations and fun.” – Lynn Fishman Hellerstein, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

“I loved camp, and being with all of you WONDER OF WONDER’S!” – Julie Kenison

“Truly yesterday provided me with a lot of clarity and peace…and I am so pleased I went. Thank you so much! I truly enjoyed the exercises we did to get to some clarity…and meeting so many lovely ladies!” – Sharon Huddleson

“Not quite ready for work tomorrow. But I had a fabulous weekend meeting some new friends and experiencing Camp Experience. Thanks Renee Vejvoda!!!!!” Posted on Jenny Trefv’s Facebook

“Gratitude helps you to grow and expand: gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.”
– Eileen Caddy, Posted on Jennifer Traylor’s Facebook

“I attended “CampExperience” yesterday and had some time to think about who I am and who I want to be…all the speakers were inspirational and awesome women! Food for thought!” – Posted as Jennifer Traylor’s Facebook Status

“Thanks for inviting me to Mini-Camp! I loved it! Inspired me to think a little differently.” – Posted on Patti Miers Facebook