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How Do You Break on Spring Break?

I Know I am 55 not 20 When Sleep is My Answer
I seem to remember Daytona Beach, Spring Break 1980-ish, when me and my best girlfriends went on a wild adventure to Florida. They drove cars on the beach!  And we staying up late, dancing wildly and had some beers and that was the “wild life!”  Fast forward to momland, age 55, and I look at my Spring Break (this week) happiest moments: 
Sleep, yoga/Pilates, walking, time with family and dogs,
mountain views, hot tub, sleep.
It is funny to me that what is a “great time” changes with your season.
My Break Take is the importance of REST and RENEWAL.
It is super fun for me to invent CampExperience and all of the fun!  I love to showcase our sponsors, find a great speaker (or 10) for the Success Health Summit, or buy you gifts….But I know that I am better when I am FRESH to look around, take a breath and DREAM BIG!  What about YOU?
What is your every season Break?  How do you ReNew?  What “lights you up?”  And when is the last time you rolled over in the morning….for more delicious and needed SLEEP!??
Camp is where you Dream BIG, and get permission to RENEW.
Take a Spring Break any time…..and call me for a walk!


Betsy Wiersma, Camp Founder
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