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Lucky at LOVE: Great Friends & Great Deals

Yes that heart is made of humans!!
I want to keep this weekly newsletter interesting….so a heart of darling cheerleaders led by my Sister Debbie Jackson from Fishers, Indiana should do it!
Meet the Fishers All Stars: winners of many a championship and well-grounded, well-led young women.  Those gals are lucky to have my sister mentor, protect and guide them to self esteem and trophies.  And they share a love of cheering and a love for each other….sound familiar?  Love at any age: bonds, protects and wins.

Lauren Howe showed her Sister love by helping me face my fear: driving in winter to Grand Junction!  We laughed, we ate, we shopped.  Lauren experienced her first resale spree and has the darling jacket to prove it!  We are LUCKY to share Sister friendship and love.  And we have the photo to prove it!

My point?  Camp Sisterhood is the best example I know of unconditional love and true friendship.  We are committed to each other.  We grow our businesses and ourselves…..So what are you waiting for?  Say YES to our events, our networking and our invitation….to be Lucky At Sister LOVE!    XOXOXOXO  

Betsy Wiersma, Camp Founder
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Be Happy

When Is the Last Time Your Felt Happy? I know we all felt happy at CampExperience with the Sisters, the food, the Cog Railway and the crafts………OK and the speakers and the gifts and the Olympians! But when were you on purpose with passion toward your dreams, your goals and life?  I hope for all… Continue Reading

Gifts That Keep On Giving:  Dr. Lee Weisbard, DDS:  Tikun Olam  “Leave the World A Better Place”

Gifts That Keep On Giving: Dr. Lee Weisbard, DDS: Tikun Olam “Leave the World A Better Place”

I am always looking around for the good in everyday people.  Don’t get me wrong, Oprah is Oprah and that is fine.  But I look for the “Women Who Rock” as we call them at CampExperience™.  These are Sisters among us who just choose to do good.  No lights, no cameras, no agenda.  Just good,… Continue Reading