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How to Go About Getting a Headshot That You’ll Love

Headshots are a powerful marketing tool that anybody can and should use. Whether you are a business woman, a leader, a community volunteer or an active mom, you need to know how to present yourself online as professionally as you do in face-to-face meetings. While a photographer will do most of the work, you also need to prepare yourself properly when getting your professional headshot taken.

Here are a few things to consider before your headshot session:

What to Wear

Clothing reflects your personality so choose whatever feels right to you and keep it simple.

  • No sleeveless shirts or turtlenecks. V-neck blouses or jackets with a collarless top would be your best option.
  • Avoid bright colors and patterns – they are distracting. Instead, find something solid, but plain like jewel tones (ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue…).
  • Scarves is a nice addition as long as they are loose and drapery.
  • Jewelry should not take away from your face. Basic earrings and necklaces are better.   

Hair & Make-up

Do not underestimate the power of the right make-up and hairstyle. Go for a natural look when in doubt.

  • Nothing “evening fancy”. The photograph should reflect you in your day-to-day life.
  • Both make-up and hair are supposed to help focus on your eyes and mouth. Choose accordingly.
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before.
  • Do not experiment here. Remember your style and stick to it.

Always communicate with your photographer if there are any questions or concerns, but most importantly, relax, be yourself and have fun. The most beautiful look comes from your heart, not the wardrobe.

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Tips from Jen Jones of Mike’s Camera.

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