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I Don’t Dress Up for Holidays…But This Time…

How Do you Celebrate FREEDOM and America?!
I am usually not a dress up for a holiday gal.  But on my resent visit to our sponsor Mainstream Boutique, I saw this little number and had to wear it!  You see I love two things HUGE…
LOVE and America.  And I think this top captures it all.  God Bless America and the freedom we have to LOVE others, help our community and be difference-makers.  We can and we do!  And we just keep creating BIG IDEAS to help each other.  We are still celebrating those Plant A Blessing Art pots that raised $5000 for the St. Anthony North Community Garden.  And I bet everyone that is enjoying their pot can feel the love of the Daisy Girl Scouts and volunteers.  I love mine!!
We also celebrate Susan and Cheryl and their trip to Washington, DC, as leaders of the Plumbing Contractors Association.  Wait till you see what they are doing for the Fall Camp! BIG!
And all the details are lined up for the AMAZING Fall Camp.  Take a look!

Cannot WAIT Till Camp 2017: September 15-17. Join US!
Another Milestone…the Retirement of Our Carol!
Carol is a Women Who Rocks, Top Camp VolunteerHappy retirement celebration for our own Carol Calkins, Auction co-chair, Plant A Blessing Pot co-chair, sponsor and committee volunteer for over 10 years!!!
We love you Carol! Happy Summer XOXOXOXOXOX Betsy

I Swear My Dogs Were in The Airport

Nothing Like Some Water and Fun to Get You Thinking    Report from 30 hours of sleep in the cool Northwest Washington State air with the birds singing and  friends chatting….a little bit of heaven was shared by all! Last week in Bellingham I was filled with Clarity (traveling with Cathy Hawk helps) and gratitude… Continue Reading

One for them, one for me, two for me?

In our funky, new rock and roll church Restoration Community Church we had a woman pastor and SHE ROCKED.  She was almost as great as our own Camp Sisters Lauren Miller or Cynthia James who have the spirit dialed in!  She talked about a few great holiday topics but I really loved her reference to… Continue Reading

Attitude of Gratitude

Now the truth is coming out…the real friendships that blossomed, the true confessions of hearts open to the NEXT and the love…of men as Camp speakers!  It is hard for me to hear as my “no men speaker” policy has been in place for a decade.  I am open to change and I must say… Continue Reading

The Power of the Verbal Thank You Note

It’s my mom’s fault. And this time her “fault” has led me to a life of amazing gratitude, expressed in thank you notes……and my upgrade…..verbal thank you notes! Let me digress… husband Doug thinks I am crazy and I have multiple paper cuts right now. You see after CampExperience™ I cannot truly rest until I… Continue Reading