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On September 11th We Celebrate America

On September 11th We Celebrate America

 We Loved Meeting Katherine Lee Bates on Pike’s Peak  
In the busy get-ready-for-Camp mode I STOP and PAUSE

Where were you the morning of September 11th?  Our daughter Sarah was not yet born.
Doug was up early and I was sleeping in a bit till I heard him say, “Honey you have to see this!”
And I walked out to look at the TV right when the second plane hit the tower.

And the world changed forever.

WOWOWOWOW it was so quiet that day with no planes in the sky.
I went shopping at a resale shop, not to buy anything, but to feel “normal.”  I walked around.
And I watched America pull together, love each other and move ahead.
TODAY take a minute for gratitude for all that is good in America.
Savior the freedom to work, play and to read this newsletter because you can.  And I can write it.
Pray for our friends in Houston and that Florida and the East coast is safe.
And take a breathe to celebrate the gift that is you….I am!

This is Our World…Are You an Orange or Green? 

 Here is my world for the next week…WOWOWOWOW the flurry of activity continues….

Orange for Alumni and green for First Time Campers


I Swear My Dogs Were in The Airport

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One for them, one for me, two for me?

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Attitude of Gratitude

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The Power of the Verbal Thank You Note

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