CampExperience Committee


The CampCommittee is a dedicated band of sisters who are the behind the scenes superstars of CampExperience.  These fantastic women volunteer to help plan and support the yearlong schedule of activities as well as gather the items for the Charity Auctions, the Mystery Bags and prepare the surprises for the guests. CampExperience would not be possible without the volunteer talents of this fantastic committee. Meet these superstars.

To donate to the Camp Charity Auction of Mystery Bags contact Betsy via our webform.

2017 CampCommittee Members

First Name Last Name Company Phone
Amy Tantillo Elements Massage 720-314-4875
Barbara Bloodgood 303-968-5872
Betsy Wiersma CampExperience 303-994-1911
Carol Calkins Well & Company 303-489-5022
Casie Calzavara 303-656-1847
Cathy Hawk Clarity International 303-328-5531
Darcy Lacy New York Life 303-916-8093
Flossie O’Leary Ripple Affect, LLC 720-308-0694
Jen Jones Photographer 303-981-6250
Kara Burns Work Options for Women 720-891-8003
Kathleen Clark Eide Bailly 303-548-8486
Krista Igoe Reiki Master 303.517.2843
Lisa Haas Actuate Social 303-881-9409
Lora Haimes 303-915-4685
Lyndsey McLaughlan 626-367-9322
Michelle Cook 303-726-2208
Michelle Wendling All Seasons Chiropractic + 303-518-7728
Pam Foley REnew & Redo Holistic Décor 720-560-9568
Sharon Barone 303-808-0260
Shawn Bustamante 303-915-0802
Sherri Albertson Actuate Social 719-650-4089
Susan Aberbook Legal Shield 303-489-8358