What Are the Secrets of the Fall Camp???

What Happens At Camp…Is Not So Secret   
Campers who attend the Fall Camp (this year September 15-17: 10 spots left!) have no idea the “secrets” behind the scenes. So for FUN here are a few teasers…

TOP 10 “Secrets” of the fun at the Fall CampExperience:
10. 150 sets of Guiry’s wooden frames will become artwork then musical instruments
9.  CampCommittee will put them together for you Thursday night with hammers
8.  300 of these Guiry’s pieces will be more art and part of the fun!
7.  Wondering Madman will be BACK for 60 minutes of music and dancing for all
6.  150 warm, wonderful gifts came from Nepal thanks Gerri Kier
5.  Kathleen Osgood has been stitching all summer for you two special gifts
4.  CampCommittee will bless your room and place these gifts on your bunk
3.  Our friends at IMANI Exchange now called the IMANI Collective have been sewing again
2.  The LIVE and Silent Auction are full of deals and the Heads or Tails grand prize is a weekend at the Hotel Boulderado
1.  Jennifer McPherson from Touchstone Chrystal has the biggest surprise GIFT for YOU

All of this adds up to a weekend that we prepare a YEAR to deliver.

And we cannot wait for you to experience it…! Register HERE

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