Buy a Plant A Blessing Pot and Support the Community Garden  

As a very special project, Camp has joined with Daisy Troop 65742, led by Camp Sister Katrina Dorow and co-leader Kristen Hoffman, to share the joy of BIG IDEAS that help the community. Our team of Scouts and their Moms decorated two sizes of small pots, and artists and Camp Sisters from around Denver decorated larger pots.  Donations will be collected for St. Anthony North Health Campus to fund their Community Garden, and donors will receive these beautiful pieces of art pots as thank you gifts. Special thanks to project sponsor Guiry’s, as well as donations from Gallery On The Go, Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Plant A Blessing artists include: Liz Davis, Kim/Casie Carl, Amy Cervantez, Cathy Hawk, Alicia Downing Harper, Lila Downing, Michael King, Sharon Anthony, Guiry’s team of Felicia Claiborne, Lisa Beegle and Carolyn Nicholson, Stacy Dickerson, Victor Gab-Ojukwu, Sandi Osoro, Teresa Castaneda, Debra Rouse, Kathleen Osgood, Jordan Kramer, Amy Tantillo, , Krista Igoe, Gerri Kier, Kevin Diaz, Raymond Scott, Melanie Johnson, Tammy Urich, Lisa and Stella Wolf, Christine Graziano, Janet Barriger, Sarah Morroni, Jeanne Cahn, Katrina Dorow, Lisa Calzavara, Michele (one l)Brown, Lyndsey McLaughlin, Mandy Fulton, Maria Borrego, Betsy Wiersma, Rochelle Johnson, Jean Dole, Erin Orcutt, Paula Romero-Schmitt, Rochelle Johnson, and Morgan Johnson, Cindy Osoro, Shanna Cook, Emily Winthrop, Judy Blanscet, Betsy Wiersma.

Daisy Troop 65742 Scout Families:  

Bisharo, Ismail and  Zowie Abukar, Kelli and Ruby Raleigh, Julie, Reagan, Craig, Cael and Keely Knobbe, Kristen, Brad, Charlie and Addie Hoffman, Kristina Dorame, Mark and Valentina  Muktoyuk, Thelma, Victor, Sami, Esther, Debbie Gab-Ojukwu, Phillip Dennar, Melissa and Kaya Eggleston, Katrina, Ray, Alexxa and Makayla Dorow


Enjoy this slide show, which shows the kids creating pots, along with several of our artists and the finished pots! 

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