Build a Bike For Kids

Be A Blessing:  Building Bikes for Kids

As our connection activity at the May Success Health Summit, we were blessed by the leadership of top industry expert and superstar Sharon Fisher from Play With A Purpose in Orlando, Florida.  Sharon and her team design strategic “PLAY” that creates collaboration, connections and FUN!  Then Chris Chopyak from Arlosoul added her magic of team connections and conversations.  The results?  Amazing bikes for 10 lucky kids with helmets, bells, streamers and tons of Sister love and positive thoughts.

The bikes were donated to Sherrellwood Elementary school as part of a St. Anthony North Health Campus renovation day on May 12th.  Special thanks to the bike sponsors and team leaders:

Thank you for our amazing coordinators who are helping us coordinate and organize this event!

Sharon Fisher, Play With A Purpose


Chris Chopyak
Chris Chopyak, Arlosoul: Visualize Innovation